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Kuldse Plaadi tunnusmuusika autor: Heini Vaikmaa.

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Kuldse Plaadi graafilise kaubamärgi autor: Kristjan Jagomägi (DF).





"Golden Disc" is an Estonian Pop Music Annual Award, which is given to the year's most successful domestic artists, authors and producers in the field. Golden Discs will be handed over at an annual festive gala in Tallinn (Estonia) with the idea to promote Estonian pop music and honour the award winners.

The "Golden Disc" award nominees are derived from the data collected by Estonian Authors' Union and Estonian Performers' Association. The nominee for the award "Contribution to Estonian Pop Music" is selected by the uniform decision of the event organizers. Additionally, also various special titles are awarded by tradition.

The invitation to the gala is sent to the award nominees and members of the press, there are no public tickets for the event.

The "Golden Disc" gala has been organized since 1998. 

NPO Golden Disc

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Golden Disc history (TV episode)

Kuldne Plaat graafiline logo (PDF). Author Kristjan Jagomägi / Design Factory. 

Kuldne Plaat audiosignatuur (MP3). Author Heini Vaikmaa.